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Easy Hover menu with jQuery

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I’ve seen this or some variant around a few times. Easy one to use these days when you don’t have to cater for IE6. Make sure you grab the latest version of hoverIntent.js as well.

var config = {    
	 sensitivity: 3, // number = sensitivity threshold (must be 1 or higher)    
	 interval: 100,  // number = milliseconds for onMouseOver polling interval    
	 over: doOpen,   // function = onMouseOver callback (REQUIRED)    
	 timeout: 300,   // number = milliseconds delay before onMouseOut    
	 out: doClose    // function = onMouseOut callback (REQUIRED)    

function doOpen() {
	$('ul:first',this).css('visibility', 'visible');

function doClose() {
	$('ul:first',this).css('visibility', 'hidden');
$("#topNav li").hoverIntent(config);

Shouldn’t be hard to figure out the HTML needed!