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“mount error 13″ – Mounting a WD TV SMB share

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I set up a Raspberry Pi to use as a torrent downloader and NAS at my brother’s place. A WD TV is being used as the media player which has a 1TB hard drive attached via the provided USB port. The WD TV automatically shares the contents via SMB.

I wanted to mount the share to the Pi on boot, but kept running into “mount error 13 = Permission denied”. After a lot of Googling I eventually found this post that offered a solution.

The missing parameter is:

-o sec=ntlmv2

To mount, run the following from the terminal:

mount -t cifs -o guest,sec=ntlmv2 //wdtvlive/sans_titre /mnt/smb

Replacing //wdtvlive/sans_titre with your device and /mnt/smb with the directory you'd like to mount to.

If you'd like to do this on boot, add the following to /etc/fstab:

//wdtvlive/sans_titre    /mnt/smb    cifs    guest,sec=ntlmv2    0    0